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Polished concrete Benchtops

Polished concrete Benchtops

Polished concrete is becoming a much more popular kitchen benchtop choice these days. It can be made and finished in many different ways,

Polished Concrete Benchtops are an elegant addition to the modern home.

Concrete used to be just “The stuff we walk on.” It has now made its way into the kitchens, lounge rooms, BBQ areas, and many other places in the home, by way of Polished Concrete Benchtops, furniture and Polished Concrete Floors

The beauty of chosing a Polished Concrete Benchtop is, you can choose your mix! Which means you are able to get the colour you want. You get just the look you’re after.

From the basic aggregate to glass, quartz, basalt, pebbles and even granite, the possibilities are vast. Polished Concrete Benchtops are an elegant, durable and beautiful
addition to any modern kitchen.

If you are undertaking a new build, you can even have a polished concrete floor
with matching Polished Concrete benchtops, or even a Polished Concrete hearth around your fireplace!

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